A little bit about me.

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A little bit about me.

Post by Parley E on Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:04 am

Hello everyone. Just some the gs about me.

I love to read books and learn about animals. I do not consider myself to be a professional. But I am most of the way through vet assisting classes so I do know a few things. My favorite animal is the leopard. But I like dogs the most as pets.

At one point we had a dog((the one in my avatar pic is not him. That's one we watch sometimes )) . But we had to put him down. But my sister has a couple of guinea pigs and I have a turtle. I would like to get a ferret but I cannot afford to care for one at the moment.

I also have another forum from forummotion. Because of this they would not let me use my regular email. And so I made a new email for the sole purpose of making this forum. So if you would like to contact me here is the email address that  I actually look at. Parley4books@gmail.com you could also send a private message here as well.
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